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Composite image filter A composite image filter is an electronic filter consisting of multiple image filter sections of two or more different types. The image method of filter design determines the properties of filter sections by calculating the properties they have in an infinite chain of such sections. In this, the analysis parallels transmission line theory on which it is based. Filters designed by this method .Krita Krita is a free and opensource raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and animation purposes. It features an OpenGLaccelerated canvas, colour management support, an advanced brush engine, nondestructive layers and masks similar to Adobe Photoshop , groupbased layer management, vector artwork support and switchable customisation profiles.Speeded up robust features The output of the above 99 filter is considered as the initial scale layer at scale s 1.2 corresponding to Gaussian derivatives with 1.2. The following layers are obtained by filtering the image with gradually bigger masks, taking into account the discrete nature of integral images and the specific filter structure. This results in .Wikipedia talk:New pages patrol/Reviewers This page is for New Page Reviewers to discuss the process with each other and to ask for and provide help to fellow reviewers. Discussion also takes place on IRC at wikimedianpp connect, as well as our Discord server invite link For discussions on other matters, such as bugs, etc., please navigate through the tabs, or go to the discussion pages of the relevant policies. Top New Page .Lockouttagout Disconnecting or making safe the equipment involves the removal of all energy sources and is known as isolation.The steps necessary to isolate equipment are often documented in an isolation procedure or a lockout tagout procedure.The isolation procedure generally includes the following tasks: citation needed Announce shut offDry Combat Submersible The Dry Combat Submersible DCS is a midget submarine designed and manufactured for USSOCOM by MSubs Ltd, a UK company located in Plymouth, Devon. MSubs are an underwater R and D company that have built a number of specialist unmanned and manned submersibles, primarily for the US DoD. MSubs is wholly owned by Submergence Group LLC, a small Texas based company that provides the linkages into the .Mask Protective filter mask worn by NYPD officer. Protective masks are pieces of kit or equipment worn on the head and face to afford protection to the wearer, and today usually have these functions: Providing a supply of air or filtering the outside air. Protecting the face against flying objects or dangerous environments, while allowing vision. In Roman gladiatorial tournaments masks were .Activated charcoal cleanse Activated charcoal cleanses, also known as charcoal detoxes are a pseudoscientific use of a proven medical intervention.Activated charcoal is available in powder, tablet and liquid form. Its proponents claim the use of activated charcoal on a regular basis will detoxify and cleanse the body as well as boost one 39s energy and brighten the skin.Such claims violate basic principles of chemistry .

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